7% daily for 30 days = 210%

Automatic Payments daily to your Wallet!


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How to

  • Click the Deposit Button, enter a Username and your personal Wallet ID and send
  • Send funds (min. 0.01 BTC) to the Deposit ID shown
  • Receive your daily acruals automatically to your personal Wallet

Earn Extra!

Use the personal Affiliate Link you get when you start the Deposit to invite friends.
Your get 10 % Referral Comissions from every deposit
made from Investors you refer to 7thirty!

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What Currencies do you accept?

We accept BitCoin only. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC and there is no maximum Deposit. Deposits below 0.01 BTC are considered donations

What do I get when I make a Deposit?

You get 7 % of your Deposit paid automatically to your personal Wallet every day for 30 days. The total return is 210 % of your initial Deposit

Can I change my receiving/personal Wallet ID?

As we do not require a sign up you need to make 100 % sure you use your correct Wallet ID. We can not change your receiving Wallet ID

How do you generate Profits?

We are in the Crypto- and Forex-Trading Business since 2013 and generate profits from Arbitrage Trading and volatile Crypto-Currency Trading like BTC, ETH and Dash.

How Can I check the Status of my Deposit?

You can search for your username or your receiving Wallet ID in the Search Feature on our Website

Can I make more than one Deposit?

Yes you can. You just need to Start the Deposit process again to generate a new Deposit ID. Make sure to always use a new Deposit Adress as more than one deposit to the same Deposit ID is considered a donation and can not be refunded.

UK registered company

Company number: 08346034

6-7 St John Street
NG18 1QH
United Kingdom